Skin Rescue

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Instant Skin Rescue: A must-have for minor burns, cuts, stings, and scrapes.

This highly concentrated formula includes Lavender for soothing, Peppermint for cooling, and Helichrysum for anti-bruising.

Experience the calming effects and carry it with you wherever you go!

Size: 5ml Concentrate




Introducing our Family-Friendly Skin Rescue Blend, your immediate solution for minor burns, cuts, grazes, scrapes, and insect stings! This highly concentrated product is specially formulated with a proprietary blend of essential oils renowned for their therapeutic properties.

When accidents happen, turn to the healing power of nature. Our blend features carefully selected essential oils known for their soothing and calming effects on the skin. Lavender, with its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, helps to soothe cuts and irritations. Peppermint, with its menthol content, acts as an anesthetic and provides a cooling effect, making it ideal for minor burns. Additionally, anti-bruising Helichrysum offers its healing benefits to promote faster recovery.

Not only does our Skin Rescue Blend address physical discomfort, but it also aids in emotional well-being after an injury. The carefully chosen oils work together to promote feelings of calm and relieve the shock of trauma.

Conveniently sized at 5ml, this product is perfect for on-the-go use. Carry it with you wherever you go, ensuring you have a reliable solution for unexpected incidents.

Size: 5ml

Don’t let accidents slow you down. Order our Family-Friendly Skin Rescue Blend today and experience the soothing and healing benefits of this concentrated elixir. Be prepared for whatever comes your way, knowing you have a natural remedy that offers both physical and emotional relief.


Note: This information is for reference purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult with a healthcare professional before using any new product.

2 reviews for Skin Rescue

  1. Denise (Founder, SO ZO Natural)

    On 28 June 2021, I became my own client after burning my hand with boiling water from the kettle. I poured water into my warm water bottle and something went wrong. Luckily I had some Skin Rescue in my handbag (I usually give mine away to someone in need) so I reached for it after running my hand under the tap for a few seconds. I applied it 6 times in 30 minutes. After about 20 minutes I could feel some pain coming through so I was grateful for the cooling sensation of Skin Rescue as I applied it. After 9 applications over two hours I forgot about the burn. Later in the day I could see a light red colour where the water burned my hand but it wasn’t painful at all. I can only imagine what would have happened if I didn’t have my Skin Rescue close by!

  2. Marelise

    Op ouma Joyce se gesig gesit, na die val, dit was en is fantasties.

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